What We Do

WLZ helps children and young people grow up safe, happy and healthy. We are currently working in one neighbourhood (White City, W12) and have plans to gradually cover the area around the Harrow Road – from Old Oak through Ladbroke Grove to Kilburn.

We work with local children’s centres, schools and employment agencies (our ‘anchors’) to identify the children and young people who would benefit from extra support. We help each person (or their parents) identify their strengths and goals. Then we bring in the support they need from the partnership of local charities we work with.

This work is coordinated by our Link Workers, based in the anchors, who work closely with children and young people to help them make use of the opportunities on offer. Behind the scenes, the WLZ ‘backbone’ team manages the finance which supports our partners and collects data on their performance.

Children & Young People
We Work With

It takes a community to raise a child – it’s not something a family can do on its own. If a child or young person is struggling it’s probably because they’re not getting the support they need, at home, at school or after school: and this is something the wider community can help with.

WLZ uses evidence of children’s wellbeing to assess how likely they are to struggle in education, health or other areas of their life. We then work with them or their families to identify their strengths and ambitions, and make a plan to help them reach their potential.


WLZ works through ‘anchors’ – local institutions which have responsibility for children and young people, which host our Link Workers and help us identify and support the right individuals. This means Children’s Centres for pre-school children, primary and secondary schools, and Job Centres (or other employment agencies) for the young adults. We are currently working with three anchors in White City.

Phoenix High School


Burlington Danes Academy


Ark Swift Primary Academy

Randolph Beresford Children’s Centre


Link Workers

Link Workers are based in the anchors – the children’s centre, school or Job Centre. They make sure children and young people get the support they need by finding out their strengths and needs. Then they support the child or young person to make use of the support that is offered. They work closely with the staff at the anchors, but they don’t work for them  – or for the council. They are independent and their only job is to help young people and their families get the best support they can. These are the five Link Workers that WLZ employs in White City.


Rahel Goenner

Head Link Worker

Rahel works for WLZ in Ark Swift Primary Academy. She has a Postgraduate Certificate in Psychosocial Studies, a BA in Asian and African Studies and is currently completing her MA in Intercultural Psychotherapy. She has worked with children and young people in a number of organisations and places including Brooklyn, the Bronx, Berlin and Kabul. Rahel is also a local mum, with children in Randolph Beresford Early Years Centre and another nearby primary school.

Farial Missi

Link Worker, Phoenix High School

Farial has a BSc in Psychology and has worked as a Youth Worker and Mentor in West London. Prior to this, she has completed several pieces of research relating to young people and youth work. She also co-founded a charity initiative which encourages undergraduate volunteers to distribute packages and prepare and share meals with individuals at soup kitchens, hostels, and shelters every Valentine’s Day.

Esther Ayoola

Link Worker, Ark Swift Primary Academy

Esther has a BSc in Psychology and Criminology, a Postgraduate Certificate in Leadership & Career Development and an MSc in Child and Adolescent Psychology & Research. She has worked in social and community care, education and CAMHS supporting children and families from a wide range of backgrounds. Her research papers have explored family caregiving practices and the influence of family context on educational achievement and psychosocial development between ages 0-25.

Matthew Burnett

Link Worker, Burlington Danes Academy

Matthew studied Drama at University, he headed up the anger management and mentoring as a Drama Secondary School teacher. He then mentored over 100 students, aged 12-18 across 11 secondary schools in East London. Voluntary youth worker since the age of 16, Matthew was awarded in 2010 an EU Youth In Action Grant to write a pantomime for disadvantaged young people in East London. He also trained for the 2012 Olympics with Great Britain gold medals winners coaches.

Chloe Evans

Early Years Family Link Worker

Chloe is a qualified Play Therapist with BAPT and joined WLZ after working for a charity who supported children affected by their carer’s drug and alcohol addiction.
Chloe has previously completed a BA in Early Childhood and an MSc in Play Therapy and has worked in various sectors including charities, hospitals and schools. As part of her studies Chloe has conducted extensive research on the relationship between the brain and early trauma. She has worked with children of varying ages facing challenging life events such as eating disorders, family suicide, poverty and abuse.


Children and young people have a huge range of strengths and needs that would benefit from extra support. WLZ looks for the best charities and arranges for them to work with us (see Our Partners for more information). These are some of the services we plan to provide through our partners.