What We Do

West London Zone is currently working in two boroughs (North Hammersmith and North Kensington), with plans to gradually cover the area around the Harrow Road – from Old Oak through Ladbroke Grove to Kilburn.

We work with local schools, nurseries and children’s centres (our ‘anchors’) to identify the children and young people who would benefit from a range of new opportunities in school, provided by our partners. 

This work is coordinated by our Link Workers, based in the anchors, who work closely with children and young people to help them make use of the opportunities on offer. Behind the scenes, the WLZ ‘backbone’ team manages the finance which supports our partners and collects data on their performance.

Children & Young People
We Work With

We work with children and young people from a whole range of different backgrounds, who may just need something a bit extra to help them reach their full potential.

We conduct My Voice: The WLZ Survey in every school we work in, which helps us see where we can be of most use and fill any gaps in the school’s provision. Because of the variety in our partners, we can tailor our offer to the unique strengths and goals of each child and family.


WLZ works through ‘anchors’ – local institutions which have responsibility for children and young people, which host our Link Workers and help us identify and support the right individuals. This means nurseries and children’s centres for pre-school children, and primary and secondary schools for older children. We also hope to eventually work with job centres or employment agencies to support school leavers.

Link Workers

Link Workers are based in the anchors – the school, nursery or children’s centre. They work closely with the staff at the anchors, but they don’t work for them  – or for the council. They are independent and their only job is to help young people and their families get the best opportunities and support they can.

Rahel Goenner


Head Link Worker

Ark Swift Primary Academy

Farial Missi


Link Worker

Phoenix Academy

Esther Ayoola


Link Worker

Ark Swift Primary Academy

Alex Brooke


Link Worker

Burlington Danes Academy

Sophia Grimaldi


Link Worker

Miles Coverdale Primary School

Eleanor Brown


Link Worker

Ark Conway and Ark Bentworth Primary Academies

Ellie Benbow


Link Worker

West London Free School

Rachel Elton


Link Worker

Sacred Heart High School

Shaye-Marie Brown


Assistant Link Worker

Phoenix Academy

Juanita Harah


Link Worker

St John XXIII Catholic Primary School

Opportunities and Support

West London Zone seeks out the best charities and arranges for them to work with us (see Our Partners for more information). These are some of the services we plan to provide through our partners.