Supporting the Children and Young People

Setting up support in schools

WLZ Workbooks: LW engage Participants using the WLZ workbook. Depending on the age this may be completed by the Participant themselves, or with the LW, or used by the LW as a prompt for a conversation with the parent/guardian. The workbook covers questions about hopes, goals, strengths and struggles and introduces the ‘flourishing tree’ – our tool to engage the Participants in their own progress.

  • Support assignment: based on the survey results, anchor feedback on the child and each cyp’s workbook, WLZ creates a bespoke plan of support for each child. WLZ uses our understanding of the outcome each partner seeks to achieve (see Partners) to match their support to the needs and aspirations of each child.
  • Timetabling and logistics: WLZ creates a timetable of support based on partner capacity, when the support can fit into the school timetable, whether the support is on or off site, etc etc. Once timetables have been signed off the LW shares these with each participant.
  • Delivery starts: Most partners deliver on a weekly basis, supported where necessary by the LW. Partners then share data with WLZ regularly (see Monitoring) and WLZ and partners communicate on a regular basis.

Resources for partners

Policy for positive behaviour and engagement with support

Developed by WLZ, drawing on pilot experience, academic research and education best practice. You can download the policy here.