About Us

The West London Zone partnership is supported by a small staff team working with partners to plan the work, manage data and develop funding opportunities. They are accountable to a Board of Trustees and a ‘Reference Board’ comprising local residents.

Link Workers

Link Workers are based in the anchors – the school, nursery or children’s centre. They work closely with the staff at the anchors, but they don’t work for them  – or for the council. They are independent and their only job is to help young people and their families get the best opportunities and support they can.

The Team

Louisa Mitchell

Chief Executive Officer

Joe Prendiville

Chief Operating Officer

Sally Bateson

Chief Development Officer

Bridget Suthersan

Data and Systems Manager

Martha Stafford

Partnerships Manager

Anne-Hélène Biosse Duplan

Development Manager

Sam Kendall

HR and Finance Manager

Chris Brown

Link Worker Manager

Freddie O’Farrell

Development Officer

Lily Assefa


Maïa Ramzan

Development and Communications Intern

Alex Bransgrove

Data Analyst


Jocelyn James

Former Chief Operating Officer, New Philanthropy Capital

Danny Kruger (Chairman)

Founder and former Chief Executive of West London Zone and Only Connect.

Sir David Verey

Former Chairman, Lazard

Katharine Hill

Chief Executive, B-Corp

Joanna Gillum

Local Resident

Nick Wilkie

CEO, National Childbirth Trust

Andrew Zerzan

Director of Risk, British Council

Jim Hawkins

Headmaster, Harrow School


Smita Bora

former Principal, Westminster Academy

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